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Professional beautician providing a wide range of manicures and other fingernail related services for women in Marbella.

Manicure in Marbella

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Manicure in Marbella
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In today’s world, we feel the extreme stress of modern times in our hands. Both men and women carry tremendous stress in the hands, wrists and forearms from thousands of hours on computer keyboards. For these reasons, hand treatments offer the perfect relief from civilization and its discontents.

The treatment includes file, soak, cuticle work, massage and polish.

5.0 5.0 0.0 368 Manicure EUR 20 2022-12-31 The Beauty Salon Marbella

Gel Manicure in Marbella
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The best thing about a gel manicure is how long it lasts. Gel manicures are so popular because they last about two full weeks. Keep in mind, though, that how long they last depends on your body chemistry, lifestyle, and how you treat your hands at home. But however long your gel lasts, you'll love your nails the entire time.

The treatment includes file, dry manicure, gel and massage.

4.9 5.0 0.0 367 Gel Manicure EUR 25 2022-12-31 The Beauty Salon Marbella

File & polish fingernails Marbella
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A file and polish could be considered a mini, time-saving treatment which will leave your nails looking preened and fabulous despite its relative simplicity. Once nail filing is complete and any resulting debris is removed, you will then get to pick your preferred nail varnish colour from the available selection. Oils and creams will be used to treat any dry skin areas.

5.0 5.0 0.0 360 File & polish fingernails Marbella EUR 10 2022-12-31 The Beauty Salon Marbella

Mens Manicure in Marbella
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Hands say a lot about a man. With a polish-free buff, clip, and file, a manicure adds the finishing touch to a well-groomed man. Hands are soaked, nails and cuticles are cleaned and shaped followed by hand moisturising.

5.0 5.0 0.0 384 Mens Manicure EUR 15 2022-12-31 The Beauty Salon Marbella